JDF Auctions




Founded in 2010, JDF offers 2/3 auctions annually in rare and unique gemstones, high jewellery, watches, collectibles and more. Prices range from $2000 to over $100 million. 


If you like to be a part of our auctions, please, conatct us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and specify if you like to buy or to sell a luxury item. 


JDF and its staff wil be very happy to keep you upload about our meetings, exhibition events and, of course, our exciting Auctions.




JDF, the Auction House Evolution: buyers, sellers, rules and prices


The price mechanism is very simple. The sellers will sign a Consignment Agreement, where it is specify the net price to which add the JDF  premium. The premium for the SELLER goes from a 0% to a maximum of 12%. The spread refers to the net cost. It's obvious that the higher is the net price, the lower is the percentage or premium for JDF. The jewels are put on display and auctioned at the STARTING_PRICE, ie the net plus the seller premium. For BUYERS, the Conditions of Sale will specify the percentage of the JDF premium. The premium for the BUYER will be applied to the HAMMER_PRICE, that is the final price at which the item will be sold. If a customer wants to buy immediately an item and not to wait for the auction mechanism, then he can take the item at the price of BID_OUT, ie the net plus the seller premium plus the 25% JDF buyer commission.On the invoice, will be applied for each jewel, the local taxation, summed up 5%.