The Brand, JDF - Jewels Designed ForYou, was created by gemstone and jewelry experts in order to bring back to the world the pleasure and importance of wearing one of a kind jewels.

In JDF we believe in fine craftmanship, the quality of the materials, and stand against the industralization of the jewelry items.

With years of experience and reknown expertise of our staff, we personally take care of each and every piece that our brand carries, analyse, study and design each jewel always having in mind the value that each item holds for the customer.


"Luxury has never been so close.."

Our motto, 'Luxury has never been so close' describes the essence of our brand. We bring luxury close to the customer, by designing important custom made pieces to crown their important events and become part of the personal history of every wearer who's enoying a unique JDF jewelry item.

Luxury as a state of mind, as an important moment, as a feeling of happiness that lasts forever when materialized in a JDF jewel.

Luxury in your hand.. is our next goal!